Impact Investing is now rapidly gaining ground as an investment concept that can simultaneously deliver both a potential financial return and a positive impact – be that environmental, social or ethical.

Please find below a series of research books and guides to help you learn more about The Social Stock Exchange members and Impact investing as a whole.



Annual Research Books


The Social Stock Exchange fourth annual research book

Produced by investment research firm All Street (, the guide d...

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The Social Stock Exchange third annual research book

Produced by investment research firm All Street ( , the guide ...

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The Social Stock Exchange second annual research book

Produced by leading investment intelligence firm Edison, the guide provides an o...

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The Social Stock Exchange first annual research book

Produced by research company Hardman & Co, this document includes a compend...

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Industry Reports

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All Street Small Cap Research Report

Business insights from Small Cap Leaders The destination before investing. Trans...

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How Stock Exchanges Can Advance Gender Equality

Many stock exchanges worldwide have established gender equality policies and are...

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T100: Launch – Insights from the Frontier of Impact Investing 2016

“Measurable impact can be generated by a wide range of portfolio asset size, l...

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Impact Investing Trends: Evidence of a Growing Industry

Impact Investing Trends: Evidence of a Growing Industry is the GIIN’s first-ev...

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Annual Impact Investor Survey 2016

The sixth edition of the Annual Impact Investor Survey is based on an analysis o...

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Eyes on the Horizon: The Impact Investor Survey

Eyes on the Horizon, the 2015 edition of the GIIN and J.P. Morgan annual impact ...

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Spotlight on the Market: The Impact Investor Survey

Spotlight on the Market is a research report released by J.P. Morgan and the Glo...

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Perspectives on Progress

Perspectives on Progress is a research report released by J.P. Morgan and the Gl...

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Insight into the Impact Investment Market

Insight into the Impact Investment Market is a research report released by J.P. ...

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Impact Investments: An Emerging Asset Class

Impact investments: An emerging asset class is a research note published by J.P....

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Impact investing guides

Women in social business Thumb

Women in social business

This Guide offers a compelling insight into women leaders in the increasingly im...

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What’s it all about

This is the Beginner’s Guide to all things impact investing. It contains a...

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Getting to grips with the jargon

The world of impact investing is rapidly evolving, and the language used reflect...

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Opps across Asset classes Thumb

Opportunities across asset classes

Impact investment opportunities are becoming increasingly diverse and prolific. ...

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Measuring social and environmental impact

Impact needs to be measured to be meaningful. This Guide showcases the many crit...

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How it makes a difference Thumb

How does it make a difference?

Explaining how impact investing is becoming more mainstream, how it balances so...

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