Videregen uses its proprietary stem cell-based technology platform to develop personalised, non-immunogenic organ replacement products for orphan (rare) indications. Our lead clinical programme is a tissue-engineered trachea replacement for severe tracheal diseases with other products including larynx, airway mucosal lining, bowel and liver replacements in development. The platform technology, which uses decellularised organ scaffolds seeded with the patient’s own cells, has the potential to generate cost-effective and curative therapies for a range of devastating diseases. The decellularisation technology was originally developed at Northwick Park Institute for Medical Research. Videregen was established in 2011 and is based in Liverpool.

Patients with chronic diseases, such as severe airway disease, bowel failure and advanced liver disease require expensive chronic care regimes to keep them alive while waiting for a suitable organ transplant. Many patients die waiting. Day to day life for these patients is of poor quality and debilitating. In the case of severe airway disease, transplantation is not a viable option, and the disease can lead to life-threatening airway obstruction with resultant high associated morbidity and mortality rates if not treated successfully. Currently patients are subjected to repeated, limited efficacy, surgical interventions, such as stent insertions which ultimately have a high incidence of failure. Immediate and extended family can be greatly impacted by chronic diseases, with decreased quality of life due to social and economic problems, stresses related to the physical effort required to care for the patient, and psychological stress. In some cases, the effects on emotional quality of life can be more pronounced in family members than the patient. There are also significant costs to healthcare systems.

The Videregen technology can provide a potentially curative solution for these patients dramatically improving quality and length of life while reducing long-term costs to healthcare providers and benefiting the family and wider society.

Videregen Impact Report