Verdabelo PLC, “VBP” is an energy-savings-company or “ESCO”, authorized and regulated by the FCA. The company carries out innovative energy-saving measures to tackle the ever-spiraling utility bills funded on a pay-as-you-save basis. By tackling the problem at its roots, namely the inefficient heating boilers itself, households will be able to reduce their energy consumption by up to 50%. The initial scheme gives customers the opportunity to buy the latest A+ rated Worcester Bosch heating system, consisting of boiler, smart thermostat valve, wave smart heating control, flushing of the heating system and installation coupled with a 10-year manufacturer backed warranty. This in turn is rated as the best on the market, by “Which?” the leading consumer product testing company. All of this for a one-off payment of £99 followed by easy monthly installments which are generally more than covered by the reduced monthly fuel bills. Whilst reduced utility bills are a driver for the household, the reduced emissions are the key to CO2 reductions. “Unused Energy, doesn’t need to be paid for, and will not emit.”

Waging war on harmful emissions is in essence a marathon and not a sprint. Verdabelo’s DNA is centred around the desire to actively tackle the effects of climate change by providing households the ability to replace their heating system with the lowest possible upfront cost. Sustainability in our mind starts by buying the most efficient and best equipment we can afford.

Our heating systems are supplied by the UK’s top quality boiler producer, and are made affordable through bulk purchase. As such we give people the means and ability to reduce their consumption and pay for the system on a pay-as-you-save basis with an affordable monthly payment. Consumers are increasingly aware of the cost of their energy, the need to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions, the challenges caused by rising global energy demand and increasingly volatile international fossil fuel prices.
Starting off by replacing boilers and its peripherals, we wish to ultimately change all inefficient appliances and light sources in households. Once all energy wastage appliances exchanged, we wish to take our business model to the next level by transforming houses into net energy producers.

Verdabelo Impact Report