Thrive Renewables

Thrive Renewables is a sustainable energy company.

We invest in projects that generate clean, green electricity and work with many leading companies in the sustainable energy sector. Our shareholders are part of a growing movement to tackle climate change – one that achieves tangible results.

We have over 20 years’ investment experience in renewable energy projects, with 6,300 shareholders and a portfolio of 15 renewable energy projects in the wind and hydro-electric sectors. Collectively, our sites produce enough green electricity to power more than 40,000 UK homes each year. From the Orkney Islands to Bristol, we’re generating clean energy that benefits the UK.

Our inclusive approach allows us to offer a variety of flexible investment options to renewable energy projects seeking capital. Our commitment to true sustainability offers a degree of resilience to changes in government legislation.

Our mission is to provide an efficient and rewarding financial connection with sustainable energy, allowing shareholders to play a role in addressing climate change and natural resource scarcity.

Through conscious investment we have been building projects which connect individuals and organisations to sustainable energy since 1995. We invest in, construct and operate renewable projects that genuinely improve the UK energy mix.

Our community of shareholders care about the planet and know that the precious resources we have won’t last forever. We consciously choose to invest in sustainable energy, allowing individuals to directly contribute to cleaning up the UK’s energy system.

We offer more than just a financial investment. We work alongside communities and sites to ensure we leave a positive environmental and social legacy. It’s crucial to the Thrive Renewables ethos that our impact on the world around us is good.

Thrive Renewables Impact Report