Solarus Sunpower BV is an innovative renewable energy company that develops and markets hybrid concentrated solar photovoltaic and thermal (C-PVT) panels that provide clean and low cost heat and electrical energy. By combining photovoltaic and solar thermal technology, Solarus’ PowerCollectors™ are capable of harnessing up to four times more of the incoming solar radiation compared to conventional photovoltaic products.

Solarus’ customers range from residential homeowners through to large industrial companies. To date, Solarus’ main markets include Sweden, the Netherlands and South Africa, and the company plans to expand its sales into Southeast Asia, India and Southern Europe in 2016.


Our promise is to create general public benefit by alleviating energy poverty. With our PowerCollector platforms we offer people the best performing solar energy platforms with a peak yield reaching a 70% energy efficiency. This greatly contributes to decreasing CO2 emissions.

With all our activities we aim to leave a material positive impact on society and the environment.

We do good by being good. Our vision is ‘sunpower for the people’. Solarus is a certified B Corp memberand embodies the commitment to social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency that this certification represents. Solarus seeks to deliver on the following social and environmental objectives:


  • Reducing energy poverty by providing access to low cost and environmentally sustainable electric and thermal energy.
  • Addressing climate change by reducing the global dependency on fossil fuel-based energy technologies and increasing the use of low-carbon C-PVT technology.
  • Reducing exposure to local air pollution in developing countries by displacing common water heating practices that rely on the burning of coal and biomass.

Creating local employment opportunities in developing countries in manufacturing (local assembly), sales, distribution, services and installation.

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