Ripasso Energy

Ripasso Energy has developed a hybridized Stirling engine with a world leading sun-to-grid conversion rate. The solution uses solar energy when available and is able to harness a wide range of fuels during hours or seasons of darkness and cloud. The engine can reliably deliver electricity around the clock and has the highest possible fraction of renewables. The operating costs rate well compared to the alternatives, both in major installations that tie into a national electricity grid and in smaller-scale remote installations. This makes the hybridized Ripasso Stirling engine an ideal source of energy anywhere in the world.

Social purpose and context

Electricity generation has undergone a significant shift in recent years. Solar and wind are currently able to, in certain circumstances, generate a kilowatt hour more cost-effectively than conventional alternatives like coal or nuclear power. In the United States, it is expected that 90 percent of all new generation will come from solar, wind or gas. But even as solar and wind energy have made advances, new challenges have also arisen, as it is not always possible to generate the electricity to coincide with the time of consumption. Shifting energy from day to night or between seasons, is currently prohibitively expensive with standard renewable systems. In this setting, the hybridized Stirling engine of Ripasso Energy delivers what the market wants – 24/7 availability with the highest possible fraction of renewables. Our core purpose is to deliver the Stirling engine technology to the world in an affordable format. We have proven this to be roughly twice as efficient as solar panels and, additionally, we allow for demand-driven production via the hybridization. We are in a unique position as the sole provider of always available renewable energy and are confident in our belief that we will be a contributor to a cleaner world.

Ripasso Energy Impact Report