Rezatec is the leading geospatial data analytics company providing valuable and actionable landscape intelligence as a critical decision-support tool to help drive the smart management of land-based assets.

Globally, organisations are facing new challenges as a result of environmental, climate, economic and social change along with increasing regulatory pressure across industries and sectors. There are ever-increasing demands being placed on land and its efficient use, which are being fuelled by growing populations, water and food security challenges, inefficiencies in energy infrastructure and the need for smart cities to improve resilience to change.

Rezatec distributes its data products directly and indirectly around the world. The environmental issues our data products address are global in nature and by extension, the social impact they can have is global too.

We apply our library of machine learning and pattern recognition algorithms to data sets acquired by sensors that orbit the globe based on satellites or are stationed on the earth’s surface in order to address some of the key environmental issues that impact society worldwide. We work in the following sectors:
• Food
• Forests
• Water
• Cities

Our data processing and analytics model the impact of changing environmental factors on each of the above sectors in terms of their productivity or viability. For example increased rainfall can extend the water supply but have a negative impact on urban infrastructure and can be both good and bad for agricultural productivity. Importantly too, we model the interaction of each sector on the others, for example predicting how the built environment might impact the food or water supply.

Today we have end users in Europe, Asia Pacific and South America. In 2017 we expect to extend our reach to North America and the Middle East.

Rezatec Impact Report