Propelair has developed and patented in all major markets a new type of water saving toilet which uses an innovative air-based operating principle and only 1.5 litres of water per flush. It has an excellent performance using a powerful and consistent single air flush.

In addition to significant water savings, which provide a fast payback for customers, the Propelair toilet is more hygienic than conventional toilets as it removes waterborne contaminants and reduces almost entirely the creation of aerosolised contaminants. As it produces less sewage, less treatment is required, which reduces carbon emissions.

Propelair’s social and environmental contribution derives directly from the environmental performance of its innovative product offering. Water is saved as it is only used to clean the pan and not transport the waste water as this is done by the innovative use of displaced air. As well as delivering massive water savings, the Propelair 1.5 litre flush toilet provides the following benefits:

Excellent performance – powerful and consistent single air flush with significantly less water use which allows it to be installed in water stressed areas where conventional toilets would not function

Produces less sewage – less treatment required, which reduces carbon emissions, less emptying of holding tanks, which saves money

Hygienic – proven to remove 99.939 per cent of waterborne contaminants and reduce the creation of aerosolised contaminants by 95 per cent

Quick refill – small capacity cistern fills quickly between flushes to reduce public queuing

Propelair is committed to measuring and regularly disclosing information on its social and environmental performance through the company’s annual Impact Report and direct engagement with its partners, stakeholders and customers.

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Propelair Impact Report