Point4 is a vegetation management process using LiDAR, Geospatial and Satellite technology enabling the utility and service sectors to design efficient strategies to eliminate power outages; reduce regulatory compliance costs and create environmental and business efficiencies.

The UK electricity transmission and distribution industry is highly regulated and cost restrained. Along with National Grid operating transmission in England and Wales there are 7 Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) servicing around 300,000km of overhead electricity cables in the UK and operate varied management systems in relation to maintaining the assets on their network, which are still largely analogue in nature.

Point4’s strategic advantage comes from its patent pending processes and the effective integration of core technologies, including digital mapping, LiDAR Aerial data capture, hand held laser range finder and Satcom data transfer. This digitalised process control system is built from the ground up and designed around the Energy Networks Association, Engineering Regulations G55/2 regulatory framework, and meets the practical needs of electricity transmission and distribution companies, surveyors, tree cutting contractors and regulators alike.

Point4 Research Reports

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