My favourite hello

My favourite hello is an online dating service designed specifically for people with asperger’s, autism & learning disabilities.

Our audience has a high motivation to form romantic relationships but they don’t have the social skills needed to form and maintain them. This leads to depression, feelings of isolation and loneliness. The lack of success through traditional, face-to-face dating has led our audience to try online dating. Mainstream dating services do not meet our audience’s needs. My favourite hello caters to the characteristics and specific needs of our audience.

We have worked closely with charities and supporters to build a solution we believe will be impactful over time.

Our vision is to make romantic connections accessible and provide the tools necessary to improve our audience’s chance of developing successful relationships thus reducing high incidences of isolation and depression experienced by people with asperger’s, autism and learning disabilities.

People with asperger’s, autism and learning disabilities do not have the same opportunities to form friendships and relationships as their neuro typical counterparts. Their condition throws up barriers blocking successful connections to new people. We want to offer them choice with a national member database and a matching algorithm.

Our audience have no control over their own social aptitude and as a result they have little confidence in social settings. This lack of control and confidence excludes them from meeting people and forming relationships. We want to restore control by helping members overcome social challenges and better understand their own needs.

Our audience lack control and confidence. As a result they have few opportunities to meet people and connect with them. People with asperger’s, autism and learning disabilities rely heavily on friends and supporters to satisfy their emotional needs and facilitate introductions. We want to build confidence with skill building content and our ‘My favourite date’ app that talks users through each step in a date.

My favourite hello Impact Report