Menhaden Capital PLC

Menhaden Capital PLC is a closed-ended investment trust. The Company’s central investment objective is to generate long-term shareholder returns, predominantly in the form of capital growth, by investing in businesses and opportunities that deliver or benefit from the efficient use of energy and resources. Our core belief is that companies that supply products and services that help to conserve scarce resources, reduce negative environmental impacts and improve resource efficiency, enjoy faster growing end markets and in turn help to deliver more sustainable economies.

Investment policy

The Company’s investment objective will be pursued through constructing a conviction-driven Portfolio consisting primarily of direct holdings across asset classes, either listed or unlisted, and geographies.

Asset allocation

The Company will invest, either directly or through External Funds, in a Portfolio that is comprised of three main allocations:

  • listed equity;
  • yield assets; and
  • special situations.

The flexibility to invest across asset classes affords the Company two main benefits:

  • it enables construction of a Portfolio based on an assessment of market cycles; and
  • it enables investment in all opportunities which benefit from the investment theme.

Once substantially invested, it is expected that the Portfolio will typically comprise approximately 25 positions. Typically, the Portfolio will not comprise fewer than 20 positions or more than 50 positions. For these purposes, an investment in an External Fund is treated as one position.

Geographic focus

The Portfolio will be predominantly focused on investments in developed markets, though if opportunities that present an attractive risk and reward profile are available in emerging markets then these may also be pursued.

While many of the companies forming the Portfolio will be located in the UK, USA or Europe, it should be noted that many of those companies will be global in nature so their reporting currency may not reflect their actual geographic or currency exposures.


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