iSmart is a young company, which brings together 6 founders that want to assist children with learning difficulties. iSmart developed and piloted an assistive software aimed for students with dyslexia with around 100 children from Sweden, Turkey and the Czech Republic a few years ago during an EU project. After seeing the need for such product on the market, we started working on designing a better app aimed at more learning difficulties. We have now registered the company as a limited liability business in Malta and are focusing on launching our first products this year.

iSmart has a clear mission to:
– Provide assistive technology tools for students with learning difficulties
– Help parents, teachers and psychologists communicate and collaborate more for the benefit of students

iSmart helps dyslexic children by reading and writing (using the text-to-speech and speech-to-text functions), and also giving simple access to educational resources, homework and a simple way to study using mind-mapping that is linked with the educational texts.

iSmart will try to help families feel empowered. We will do this by creating parent portals from where mothers and fathers can access information and reports about their children, upload materials that they find for them, look at what homework their children have been given and also communicate with the teachers and psychologists assigned to their child.

iSmart is committed to not only create software and solutions, but also to train the teachers in using these solutions. We will be organising webinars, workshops and also face to face training both for our clients, but also in general for the community at large.

iSmart is a single product, but there are 3 versions that users can opt for according to their profile.
– iSmart Home: Ideal for parents who wish to support their child in their learning journey. This tool can be used to help read, write and study. Features include: text-to-speech and speech-to-text, diary, mind mapping, homework and materials.
– iSmart Class: Contains all the features from iSmart Home plus timetable, reporting and messaging. This can be also used within learning support groups, with dyslexia experts and psychologists during after school activities.
– iSmart School: Contains all features of iSmart Class plus full integration with your existing school management system for seamless data transfer and avoiding duplication of data inputting. iSmart School is available at all levels including primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities.

iSmart Impact Report