International Housing Solutions

International Housing Solutions (IHS) is a real estate investment manager focused on the development and management of green residential projects affordable to the fast growing low to middle income market.

Africa’s cities are the fastest growing in the developing world, with about 40% of the continent’s one billion people living in cities and towns; and it is estimated that in the next few years, some African cities will be home to as much as 85% of the country’s population. Six of the thirteen fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa (World Bank). The crises in housing supply are obvious and all forces need to be rallied to overcome these crises. For example, the housing backlog in South Africa is 2.3 million units, with only about 100,000 units built each year. This backlog needs to be addressed by encouraging innovative delivery methods and gauging community support to deliver homes that are required to sustain the environment (with over 18% of global electricity used for heating, cooling and lighting homes) and support a growing economy. The provision of green units also increases affordability, as low income households typically pay over 15% of their disposable income on utility bills.

International Housing Solutions Impact Report