Canada based FigBytes provides cloud-based SaaS software to its clients to bring goal-based sustainability strategies alive combining a powerful backend for hard metrics like carbon, water and waste as well as “softer” social metrics, with an aesthetically engaging front end that eliminates using multiple, disconnected spreadsheets, PDFs and presentation decks.

FigBytes’ clients range in size and sector, and we operate worldwide through a network of consulting partners, who recognise the superiority of the FIgBytes Sustainability Platform as a mechanism to deliver real change to their clients. Our passion for empowering and uniting humankind’s true leaders towards achieving the UN Global Goals by 2030 is at the core of our mission and fuels everything we do.

Companies, cities and countries can use the FigBytes Sustainability Platform to move beyond early-stage compliance approaches to sustainability and CSR to creating forward-looking strategies with progress tracked towards their long term goals in close to real-time. They can also link their plans and achievements to the UN Global Goals/SDGs and to those of other organisations attempting to address humankind’s key challenges by 2030.

If the multiple “moonshots” required to save the living planet as we know it and an advanced human civilisation are to be achieved, humankind will be required to move beyond the early steps of Environment Health Safety (EHS) Compliance, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability Reporting to deep, transformational, strategic change with massive cooperation and partnering at every level of society. And we will need to be able to visualise the partnerships, data, information and stories that connect local initiatives to regional ones and to global collective efforts – this is our mission – to connect citizens, communities, cites, companies and countries to achieve the Global Goals.

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