Ethical Property Company

The Ethical Property Company was formed in 1998, in order to offer others the chance to invest in Ethical Property development and to increase its potential impact on the social change sector. Since then the Company has gone from strength to strength, undergoing four share issues and consistently paying a dividend every year. We have now successfully developed a portfolio worth £26.6m. Last year (2014/15) we generated a turnover of £3.9m and produced an operating profit of £0.7m. We now own seventeen Centres and manage a further seven across nine cities, employing over 80 members of staff. These Centres offer over 221,000ft²/20,500m² of space for charities and voluntary groups, retail space that supports small businesses and social enterprises, and workshops for organisations in creative industries. We have also successfully supported the expansion of an international family which includes ventures in in Belgium, France and Australia.

Our purpose is to design, develop and manage property that supports positive social change, improves the environment and offers a sound ethical investment. We are therefore committed to supporting the promotion of a just and equitable society and we treat our investors, tenants and staff in a fair way.

We consider it our responsibility to safeguard the planet for future generations and set ourselves tough targets in terms of the environmental impact of all our activities.

We believe that the world’s problems are best tackled by working together and we promote collaboration and partnerships in all projects in which we are involved. In addition, we value the power of knowledge and aim to continually improve the way we work, by learning from our experiences.

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