Enviu, founded in 2004, envisions an inclusive economy that serves people and planet. Enviu builds social multinationals that address social and environmental issues, and drive market development. Companies with high impact in the domains of financial inclusion, circular economy, and food security.

Enviu relentlessly works towards creating this inclusive economy. Offering an opportunity for philanthropists, impact investors, corporates, entrepreneurs, innovators, and governments to collaborate on building a market for good. To build a new future.

How does Enviu do this?

Enviu starts from a system error

Rather the issue than an idea or product is the starting point of the eventual business solution. If the issue affects over 100 million people, a willingness to pay, and an urgency to solve, Enviu sees a market opportunity!

Enviu builds and grows social and sustainable ventures

A solution entails a product or service, a business model, a business case, and a structure to scale.

As co-founder, Enviu works alongside the CEO of the company, bringing mostly financial and operational expertise. Enviu makes the business investor-ready, using proprietary approaches that Enviu has developed since 2004 and hybrid financing models to achieve their goals.

In 2017, Enviu is creating Enviu Investments: an Impact Investment Holding Company (Holdco), aligning impact investors with entrepreneurs to launch and grow their social ventures.

Only the most promising ventures are selected and launched. Enviu Investments co-invests with strategic impact and local investors in series A and beyond.

Investments will be made in in-house developed ventures by Enviu, as well as externally sourced ventures where the Enviu methodology can add most value.

Enviu is committed for the long run and remains an active shareholder.

Enviu’s ventures have a success rate of 70%, which is far above market average.

Enviu develops markets, reinforcing social and sustainable ventures

Ultimately, Enviu wants to correct the flaws in the larger system in which the company is operating. To do so, they start flagship ventures that drive improvement of market conditions, require policy innovation, and change customer awareness. The enterprise serves as a platform to build partnerships, mobilize resources, expertise, and co-create the right market conditions.

Developing these market conditions encourages the venture to thrive, simultaneously encouraging the growth of the market as they pave the way for competitors to enter. A necessity to mobilize a market.

Enviu designs and builds for scalability, realizing world-changing social multinationals

Enviu leverages and maximizes the impact of a good business concept by taking scalability into account from the start.

Their social multinational approach builds on a scalable business architecture. A holding company functions as an umbrella under which new ventures are developed without distracting the local entrepreneurial team, but building on their experiences. Assets such as IT-platform and product design are on holding level, facilitating the scaling process.

Enviu Investments nurtures Enviu ventures to scale and replicate faster with long-term financing and a dedicated Holdco management team.

Enviu Impact Report