The Ecological Sequestration Trust

The Ecological Sequestration Trust is a UK based NGO set up in 2011 to speed up and scale up transformative city region development towards achieving Disaster Risk Reduction and the Global Goals. In its “resilience broker” capacity, the Trust has brought together leading experts within the World Urban Campaign to create Roadmap 2030; a comprehensive action plan for financing and implementing the Global Goals in City Regions worldwide.

At the heart of this plan is, a state of the art integrated systems model for city-region scale planning and investment decision support. is being designed to bring together disparate data sources to help collaborative teams to test scenarios in order to design and implement the most effective development and infrastructure projects which will achieve the best possible Social, Environmental as well as Economic outcomes. has been successfully tested in Ghana; Local experts created a prototype model of GAMA’s 4m population using age, gender, incomes and daily life patterns data to show the different ways in which lack of access to water and sanitation affects the population. The results helped users to identify the most cost-effective and lowest-impact water sanitation and supply strategies for this area; and are already driving risk informed investment decisions set to bring forward bankable projects with positive socio-environmental impact.

The Ecological Sequestration Trust Impact Reports