Chototel was conceived out of a need to provide good quality, dignified housing solutions in a market that fails to cater to those at the bottom of the pyramid.

Chototel, formed from the words “chotu” (meaning small) and hotel, is rolling out an exciting project building ‘super-budget hotels’, where tariffs start from US$2/day with uninterrupted utilities, clean water and social infrastructure such as crèches, community kitchens and open, green spaces.

Our operating model, while delivering market returns, is still able to create a hitherto, unparalleled economical, social & environmental impact.

It is estimated that 440 million households (i.e. 1.6 billion people or a third of urban humanity) will occupy crowded, inadequate and unsafe housing by 2025. (McKinsey Global Institute. 2014).

Providing decent housing for citizens is a challenge for governments around the world. The economic and human toll of the affordability gap is enormous. Even within cities that have found solutions to the housing problem, there is a need to find low-cost solutions, particularly for those at the bottom of the pyramid, who may unable to afford a home.

Chototel’s mission is to deliver dignified housing options to the poor in an environmentally sustainable and economically viable manner. We are doing this by building low cost hotels where tariffs begin as low as US$2/day.

Chototel’s endeavor is to be a catalyst to end homelessness.
Its goals rest on the following pillars:
• It provides clean, hygienic and affordable accommodation to the lowest economic strata of the cities they operate in.
• It is driven by innovative technologies that lend themselves to secure and joyful living environments.
• It creates social infrastructure so that children, elderly and non-working members of the household are cared for.
• It builds communities that are vibrant, hopeful and healthy.

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