Charitable Care Investment Fund

The Charity Care Investment Fund (CCIF) will provide long term loans of up to 20 years to UK care charities at a margin over its costs of funds. Investment is being invited from UK based investors as a long term loan at a premium over the yield on UK gilts.

CCIF is a UK based Limited Partnership. The Investment Advisor is Fincch Ltd, which is also the promoter of CCIF. The Fund Manager (FM) for CCIF is Tower Gate Capital Limited (TGC) which is appropriately regulated by the FCA. They are supported by a team of top London professional firms.

It is widely believed that we are rapidly approaching a crisis in care. There are concerns about: a shortage of beds, the quality of care being delivered and a shortage of funds to meet the needs of those unable to meet the fees demanded by fully compliant care homes.

The mission of CCIF is to make a material contribution to addressing this crisis. It will directly encourage the growth of the charitable care sector, which is a sector dedicated to providing fully compliant care facilities and which is able to provide better quality care to its residents at relatively low fee levels.

CCIF will provide secured loans to well-managed UK based registered charities and other non-profit organisations operating and providing care facilities. This will enable them to build new, or expand or upgrade existing properties and to continue to meet the needs of the poorer segments of the community.

The charities may be looking after people who are elderly or suffering from a physical or mental disability, or could be young persons, including children. The expectation is that the majority of CCIF’s activity will focus on the elderly.

Charitable Care Investment Fund Research Reports

Charitable Care Investment Fund Impact Report