Capital for Colleagues Plc

Capital for Colleagues PLC is an investment vehicle focused on opportunities in the Employee Owned Business (“EOB”) sector. The company has been quoted on the NEX Growth Market ( since March 2014. It is based in Manchester and has offices in London. In August 2014 the Company co-founded a new advisery business to provide advice and support to EOBs or companies looking to incorporate employee ownership schemes. Known as C4C Ownership Partners Limited (“C4C Ownership”), this specialist advisery body further complements our position in the EOB sector, strengthening our service offering.

The primary social purpose of Capital for Colleagues (C4C) is to reinvent companies and redefine work by promoting employee ownership. The Employee Owned Business (EOB) is the most significant development in the history of corporations over the last century. Employee ownership (EO) represents an alternative to the external shareholder-owned firm and it can contribute to a more diverse and sound economy. It is a model which challenges us all to think about the ethical, social and sustainability problems facing capitalism and to appreciate the role of the EOB as a force for positive change. We like to distinguish between the impacts of employee ownership “in” and corporate ownership “over” companies and to explore their respective impact on good work outcomes.

We seek to promote a fairer allocation of economic value amongst all those within a business who help to create it, to improve individual participation and engagement in the world of work, where most individuals spend much of their time and thus to create more productive, more profitable, more robust and simply better businesses. To increase our ability to create social value we plan to keep investing in employee-owned businesses.

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