Social Impact Healthcare Fund

The Social Impact Health Fund (SIHF) is a Luxembourg-based Impact Investing fund focusing on investments in the healthcare industry. The Fund is currently in the fundraising process with a target volume of EUR 20m. The capital will be invested as equity capital in healthcare start-up companies throughout Europe. The investment scope of the Fund will be broad, including any type of innovative healthcare products and services. The Fund’s portfolio companies have to show measurable social impact according to the IHIM (Integrated Healthcare Impact Mapping) methodology, which measures patient orientation in healthcare products and services.

The primary social purpose of the SIHF is to bring patient orientation into the healthcare system. This means, positive social impact for the patients as well as greater efficiency, transparency and cost savings for healthcare systems should be generated through the Fund’s investment activity. Investment in innovation and key technologies is an important leverage for changing the mind-set of the healthcare industry, society and politics towards patient orientation. For that, the Fund will focus in particular on investments targeting multi-complex or chronic diseases (areas difficult to assess and currently underserved in European healthcare systems). Therefore the SIHF anchors the needs and benefits of patients in the development and implementation of innovative products and services for the healthcare sector and thus to bring more patient orientation to the healthcare system overall.

Social Business Sector

Our claim is to invest in solutions for today’s challenges in healthcare to reach the best possible value for the patients, the healthcare system and society. At the end, this leads to improvements in health systems and positive socio-economic developments of the countries we invest in.

Social Impact Healthcare Fund Research Reports

Social Impact Healthcare Fund Impact Report