Update on the requisition of a General Meeting

Further to the announcement by Good Energy on 10 July 2017, stating that the Company had received a notice pursuant to section 303 of the Companies Act 2006 from Ferlim Nominees Limited, acting on behalf of Ecotricity Group Limited (“Ecotricity”), requisitioning a general meeting of the Company’s shareholders (“General Meeting”), Good Energy and Ecotricity have agreed to a short deferral of the General Meeting. 

The General Meeting was requested by Ecotricity to propose the appointment of Dale Vince, the founder, sole shareholder and Chief Executive Officer of Ecotricity, and Simon Crowfoot, Managing Director of Ecotricity’s Electric Highway division, as non-executive directors of Good Energy. 

The Good Energy Board still believes that the appointment of any nominee remunerated by Ecotricity would be a conflict of interest and that they could not act independently on behalf, and in the best interests, of our shareholders as a whole.

Further announcements will be made in due course.


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