Result of Annual General Meeting

At the Company’s Annual General Meeting held in Chippenham yesterday, shareholders passed

resolutions 1-4 and 6-10.

The following resolutions were not passed:


Resolution 5: Retirement and re-appointment of Martin Edwards as Director


Resolution 11: Disapplication of pre-emption rights (Open offer to shareholders and 5% unrestricted)

Resolution 12: Disapplication of statutory pre-emption rights (5% for specific purposes)

Resolution 13: Disapplication of statutory pre-emption rights (1% for customer loyalty scheme)

Resolution 14: Calling of general meeting on 14 days’ notice

The Board of Good Energy notes these results and will consider why these resolutions proved unpopular in the context of what is best for the business and for shareholders as a whole.

John Maltby, Chairman, said:

“As a purpose-led organisation with a large customer shareholder base, we run our business for all shareholders. We were really pleased that a variety of our shareholder groups attended the AGM and discussed their views with the Board. There was healthy and positive debate, driven by some understandable questions from the room, and open and constructive engagement with the Board.

I am delighted to confirm the appointment of Emma Tinker and the re-appointment of Denise Cockrem by shareholders. These appointments are testament to the progress we have made in recent years; attracting and retaining a robust, diverse team with complementary skills and experience capable of delivering the Company’s purpose and strategic objectives.

The Board is very disappointed that Martin Edwards was not re-elected and will consider the most appropriate way to retain the benefit of his experience for the future.

We are naturally disappointed that the special resolutions were not passed. The Board remains of the view that having the flexibility to issue new shares to customers, in particular, would create additional value for the Company and benefit all shareholders.

We will continue to engage with all shareholders about the importance of their votes, and ensuring their voice is heard in our decision making.”