HaloPure® Technology Successfully Re-Certifies NSF 42 Listing For Material Safety

HaloSource Inc. (HAL.LN, HALO.LN), the global clean water technology company traded on London’s AIM, announces today that its HaloPure® disinfection media has successfully recertified under ANSI/NSF42 test protocol for material safety of the media. NSF requires that this testing be conducted every 5 years to maintain the listing in addition to annual audits of the manufacturing facility. 

This NSF42 certification, demonstrates through independent 3rd party testing, that the patented HaloPure® disinfection media, a contact-kill system utilizing brominated polystyrene beads, meets drinking water safety standards for a wide array of water contaminants including disinfection by-products. In the protocol, samples from the test are examined for more than 200 possible contaminants that may leach into the treated water from the media, including volatile chemicals, semi volatiles, and inorganics (metals).  HaloPure® media received a passing score on all contaminants examined, demonstrating the safety of the bromine-based technology once again.

NSF/ANSI 42 is one of two main NSF standards that set the benchmark for evaluating safety and integrity of residential water filters and is a critical requirement for maintaining our NSF listing for HaloPure® media.  A full test report is available upon request for potential customers interested in utilizing the technology in their drinking water devices.

 James Thompson, Acting CEO of HaloSource, commented,

“We are very happy to announce that our technology has once again received a passing result for this safety protocol, ensuring that this one of a kind, high performing technology can be used safely in drinking water devices. Having the NSF listing along with United States Environmental Protection Agency (“US EPA”) approval and other national certifications of the media is valuable in attracting partners to our company, particularly larger international brands that won’t risk the equity of their brands on untested or unproven technologies. At HaloSource, we view safety as paramount to doing business and we utilize certifications as a major component of our strategy to validate our technology through industry standards tested by third parties like NSF and WQA.”

HaloSource’s HaloPure® disinfection technology has been registered by the US EPA for water purification. The drinking water purification devices powered by HaloPure® can kill up to 99.99% of waterborne viruses and up to 99.9999% of bacteria while preventing bacterial recontamination and, coupled with antimicrobial storage, keeps treated water fresher for longer.