H20 International Launches HaloPure Powered Products In South Africa

Marks the first sale of HaloPure®-powered devices on the African continent

HaloSource Inc. (HAL.LN, HALO.LN), the global clean water technology company traded on London’s AIM, announces today that its patented, best-in-class HaloPure® disinfection technology is being utilised to power a line of purifying pitchers sold in retail outlets across South Africa by H20 International. 

H20 International has been selling water filtration products in South Africa for nearly 24 years and, according to  “The Global Home Water Treatment Industry – Structure and Players, 2015 Edition” Baytel research report, owns a 12% share of the market (on a revenue basis), behind only Brita at 15%. The South African market offers a good opportunity given that tap water quality is highly variable and media attention has consistently raised questions about the potability and safety of water there.

James Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of HaloSource commented:

“We have known the H2O International US team for many years working with them on several initiatives in Asia and Latin America.  They are well established in the drinking water device business and have now built the largest network of drinking water retailers in South Africa in partnership with H2O International SA.  As we embark on our new, augmented strategy of hydration products via OEM and our own astrea® brand, the partners we choose will be critical.  Being promoted through this well-respected channel lends a tremendous amount of credibility to our technology powered hydration devices.” 

Guillermo Guzman, H20 International (US) Founder & President commented:

“Having been in the drinking water device business for decades, we are very well versed in the technologies that exist to make water safe.  HaloPure® is building a global following as a novel technology that is powerful in its performance, flexible in its application and competitive in its cost.  We look forward to promoting the HaloPure® powered disinfection devices in our 55 outlets across South Africa and exploring future options with HaloSource’s new heavy-metal removal media within our outlets and other major retail outlets across South Africa.”  



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About HaloSource

HaloSource, Inc. innovates and integrates technologies to deliver clean drinking water solutions to partners with trusted brands around the world. The Company works with scientists and industry experts across the globe in search of new ways to improve drinking water quality and has been awarded more than 30 patents for its ground-breaking chemistries, which provide safe drinking water for more than 10 million consumers globally. The Company’s class-leading HaloPure® Drinking Water technology has the highest global certifications, including registration with the US EPA.

Founded in Seattle, Washington, HaloSource has grown to become an influential leader in drinking water purification. HaloSource is headquartered in the US with operations in China and in India.

Learn more about the Company’s research and development and future cutting edge technologies by visiting www.halosource.com.

The HaloPure® and astrea® brands are registered trademarks of HaloSource, Inc. All other trademarks, brand names or product names belong to their respective holders. 

About H20 International

For more than 20 years, H20 International has supplied dealers and distributors around the world with water filtration devices, each of which has played a key part in establishing the company as a manufacturing leader of affordable, high quality systems. Using high-grade components and the finest media available, they have continuously improved their product line to adapt to new markets, changing regulations and the increased demand for high-quality water. For many clients, they provide private labeling and customized products. H20 International proudly maintains a supportive staff that promptly responds to the needs of our domestic and overseas distributors.

H2O International is also a sponsor of Wishing Well International Foundation, a non-profit organization that brings clean, safe drinking water to developing areas.


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