Flying Start For Solarus In Second Crowdfunding To Accelerate The Energy Transition

Innovative Netherlands-based manufacturer of highly efficient next generation concentrated solar PV-T systems with flexible and scalable world-wide business model, offering investment opportunity in further international scale up of the company.


VENLO/ROTTERDAM – December 5, 2017 – To accelerate the worldwide energy transition Solarus, manufacturer of a next generation concentrated solar PV-T system, aims to implement its growth strategy rapidly. The company is convinced that its high yielding renewable energy solution will fight energy poverty and reduce CO2 emissions worldwide. In order to finance its mission to grow, Solarus has started a second, and probably last, crowd funding campaign with the aim to collect at least € 500.000,- before year end. With this initiative the company offers the general public another opportunity to invest after last year’s crowd funding. The start of the actual 2017 campaign, dedicated to Solarus inner circle, is very promising, raising already € 200.000,-. Like the previous crowd funding which was the most successful equity crowdfunding in 2016 in The Netherlands, this new campaign is also facilitated at the Symbid crowd funding platform. This crowd funding campaign is part of a larger investment round in which Solarus is now finalizing agreements on major funding by additional large investment funds, expected to be closed early 2018.


Recent achievements
Solarus has made great progress this year. A fresh capital flow of € 6,7 million, raised by e.g. the extremely successful crowd funding campaign in 2016 and investments of large investors, amongst them leading investment funds ForestEffect Fund and NASACA, enabled the company to further automate the highly innovative production line and to welcome three experienced sales professionals. They not only finetuned Solarus’ sales strategy, but also indicated the focus areas with immediate large sales projects as result and attracted business partners on a global scale.


Three times more energy
Solarus’ hybrid PowerCollector is an unique and patented collector which generates up to three times more energy from the sun than conventional PV panels. These so-called C-PVT systems have a peak performance of 750W/m2. This is the highest yield of solar energy in the market. In situations where there is a permanent need for heat (and/or cooling) is the Solarus PowerCollector instantly competitive with periods of return on investment between 3 to 7 years. The system has now been installed at hotels, hospitals, sport/wellness centers, (food) process industries, offices, residential projects and housing. Especially in (urban) situations with limited (roof) space Solarus is relevant: with its high yield of energy the available space can be utilized maximally. The International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris already said in 2013 that hybrid PVT-technology is the best solution for energy generation in an urbanizing world.


Partnerships important to grow
With a stable product, international market presence, high volume production facilities and professional investors showing their believe in the company, Solarus feels confident to ask the public crowd to join in the growth of the company. Solarus’ achievement is already widely recognized by the market. Over 40 projects with more than 1.500 collectors have been sold in 15 countries. The business growth is leveraged through a fast growing international network of distribution and assembly partners. Recently Solarus added business partners in Cyprus, India, Switzerland and Africa to its list. Collaboration helps the company to make impact: one roof at a time with the aim to sell 400.000 PowerCollectors over the next three years.


Company background and mission
Solarus is a private company founded in 2006 and it develops, produces and sells hybrid solar PowerCollectors with a peak efficiency up to 70%. The company is headquartered in Venlo (The Netherlands) and has an R&D centre in Gävle (Sweden). Solarus works worldwide with local distributors and installers and is now mainly active in Europe, (South) Africa and India. The company’s vision is ‘Sunpower for the people’. The mission of Solarus is to fight energy poverty and decrease the emission of CO2 and pollutants that come from burning fossil fuels. By being good Solarus is doing good, which is a reason for Solarus to be a certified BCorp


Positive outlook
With a crowd funding in shares aiming at at least EUR 500.000 investment, representing a 2,84% in shares in Solarus Sunpower Holding bv, the company can further boost its growth for the upcoming years with a projected revenue of € 10 million in 2018. The company is projecting revenues exceeding € 150 million in 2020.