Business of General Meeting Cancelled

The Board of Good Energy announces that following notification from Ecotricity Group Limited (“Ecotricity”), Good Energy and Ecotricity have agreed not to proceed with the requisitioned general meeting of the Company’s shareholders (“General Meeting”) regarding the proposed appointment of Dale Vince and Simon Crowfoot as non-executive directors of Good Energy. Ecotricity has therefore withdrawn its notice under section 303 of the Companies Act 2006 requisitioning the General Meeting.

The Board therefore recommends the indefinite adjournment of the General Meeting scheduled for 3pm on Wednesday 6 September 2017. Ecotricity has confirmed its support for that recommendation. Accordingly, the General Meeting will not proceed to any of the formal business set out in the Notice of Meeting and will be indefinitely adjourned.

Shareholders are advised that there is no requirement to attend the meeting to approve the indefinite adjournment. Shareholders who have already submitted a proxy vote need take no further action. Shareholders who have not yet submitted a proxy vote no longer need to do so.

Chairman of Good Energy, John Maltby said: 

We seek a constructive dialogue with Ecotricity, as we do with all of our shareholders, and see this as a positive step. We hope very much that we can put this matter behind us and would like to thank our customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders for their support.