Block Listing Return

HaloSource, Inc. (HAL.LN, HALO.LN), the global clean water technology solutions company traded on London’s AIM, today announces the following update relating to its block admission of shares to be issued to certain optionholders upon the exercise by such optionholders of options granted pursuant to the 2002 and 2010 Equity Incentive Plans:

Name of company:                                

HaloSource, Inc.


Name of schemes:          

2002 and 2010 Equity Incentive Plans


Period of return:

From:    27 July 2016

To:        26 January 2017


Number and class of securities not issued under the schemes subject to the block admission:


8,209,265 common shares of no par value

Number of securities issued under the schemes during the period:



Balance under the schemes of securities not yet issued at the end of the period subject to the block admission:


7,940,953 common shares

Number and class of securities originally admitted and the date of admission:          




Name of contact:                          

Craig Crowell, Chief Financial Officer


Address of contact:                      

1725 220th Street SE, Suite 103

Bothell, WA  98021 USA      


Telephone number of contact:              

+1 425 419 2248



HaloSource, Inc.

James Thompson, Acting Chief Executive Officer

+1 425 419 2257

Craig Crowell, Chief Financial Officer

+1 425 419 2248

Liberum Capital (NOMAD and Broker)

Richard Bootle

Jill Li

Steve Pearce


+44 203 100 2222

About HaloSource

HaloSource, Inc. innovates and integrates technologies to deliver clean, drinking water solutions to partners with trusted brands around the world. The Company works with scientists and industry experts across the globe in search of new ways to improve drinking water quality and has been awarded more than 30 patents for its ground breaking chemistries, which provide safe drinking water for more than 10 million consumers globally. The Company’s class-leading HaloPure® Drinking Water technology has the highest global certifications, including registration with the US EPA.

Founded in Seattle, Washington, HaloSource has grown to become an influential leader in drinking water purification. HaloSource is headquartered in the US with operations in China and in India. Learn more about the Company’s research and development and future cutting edge technologies by visiting

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