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3SC is a consortium that manages public sector contracts on behalf of third sector organisations.

Broadway Partners is a provider of communications infrastructure, including broadband internet services to rural communities.

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Dedicated HomeCare is a provider of a modern blend of personal home care and maintenance of the dwelling, co-ordinated by local managers and using the latest mobile app technology, enabling elderly and frail people to remain in their own homes for longer.

Pandemics disproportionately affect people in developing countries.  Emergex will address this by offering a novel synthetic vaccine technology that is ideally suited to the low resource environments where these infections occur. These vaccines will be used to create a clinical grade international vaccine repository that will act as a first line of defense against existing and newly emerging infectious outbreaks.

HERi Madagascar builds and supports solar businesses in rural Madagascar to increase access to products and services that power community development.

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London Rebuilding Society is a social enterprise specialising in innovative products and services which provide access to finance and support for individuals and households; creating safe healthy decent homes through releasing capital for much-needed home renovation and energy efficiency improvements, thus reducing energy costs, increasing household income, improving health and well-being.

Mozambique Renewables is a first mover in bringing sustainable biomass from Africa to the international energy market. We only collect crop by-products and weeds to make our energy pellets, so no trees are cut down. Local farmers receive additional payments & we provide employment.

People Tree is a pioneer in Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable fashion. People Tree partners with Fair Trade artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce ethical and eco fashion collections.

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Scarba Holdings is an Investment Company providing attractive intermediate term investment opportunities designed to address the needs of transition stage asset Companies in the Life Sciences sector.

Sterling Suffolk, cultivates and harvests premium varieties of tomatoes in 17Ha of modern glasshouse utilising heat from Suffolk Energy from Waste facility.

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Stevia Life grows premium stevia leaf in East Africa utilizing only sustainable and no-till agriculture systems. With intense respect for the environment it strives for low land impact while creating jobs for our surrounding communities, improving quality of life and agriculture education.

Straightline Aviation (Hybrid Aircraft), comprising a team of former Virgin directors, is launching a company to operate Hybrid aircraft manufactured by Lockheed Martin and Hybrid Air Vehicles. The two manufactures have invested in a completely new form of aircraft that will revolutionise air transport, dramatically reducing the cost and carbon footprint of moving passengers and cargo.

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Swiss Water Power International SA based in Switzerland was established in 2003. The company develops, installs and maintains fixed or mobile compact containerized units for drinking water, clean energy photovoltaique panels, electrical power generation units and transformers irrespective of the local environment and conditions for public authorities, public or private operators and individual firms addressing their requirements in terms of their needs of clean water and energy supply.

Switchee manufactures the first B2B smart thermostat designed for social landlords.  The company is dedicated to fighting fuel poverty and providing building and welfare KPI’s to help improve the quality of life in social housing.

Symbiotics is a leading investment company dedicated to inclusive and sustainable finance in emerging markets.

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