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Acrobat Carbon Services Ltd help people in fuel poverty by helping energy companies deliver their carbon emission targets.

Apta has developed 3rd generation affinity molecules called “Seligos” (with significant benefits over the current gold standard monoclonal antibodies) and is using them to develop advanced diagnostics and drugs for a range of important disease areas.

AutoApproval supply new cars and light commercial vehicles to communities across the UK providing opportunities for inclusive and social-centric transport.

Dedicated HomeCare is a provider of a modern blend of personal home care and maintenance of the dwelling, co-ordinated by local managers and using the latest mobile app technology, enabling elderly and frail people to remain in their own homes for longer.

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Discovered empower global artisans through business. On Discovered, global artisans sell their handmade goods directly to people worldwide.

Enviu builds world changing companies. They build markets and drive system change, by co-creating multinational social enterprises. Their ventures improve the quality of life of large groups of marginalized people with common needs. Since 2004 they have founded and built 13 social businesses around the globe.

Evernear is an Investment Company providing attractive intermediate term investment opportunities designed to address the needs of transition stage asset Companies in the Life Sciences sector.

FairMoney.com is our new, fair Price Comparison Website (PCW). FairMoney.com makes available loan products for both good and bad credit, whilst placing the emphasis on Treating Customers Fairly and transparency.

HERi Madagascar builds and supports solar businesses in rural Madagascar to increase access to products and services that power community development.

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Humanitec provides user-friendly software to help civil society organizations create data driven impact. Humanitec delivers a single platform with solutions that improve data quality and traceability while making it easy to publish, share and learn from it.

Impact Investment Trust PLC will invest in SMEs in high impact sectors in developing countries through the services of its investment adviser Obviam AG, the manager of the Swiss DFI.

International Ambulances Ltd (IA) was formed in October 2016 with a vision to be the world’s most innovative ambulance business with better patient outcomes. IA has designed an all new superior ambulance called the “ACESO” which will save lives and achieve better outcomes for patients, paramedics and hospitals.

Nordic Blue will produce carbon neutral synthetic E Fuels, using renewable inputs including hydro electricity, water and waste CO2. The resulting E Fuels and other products will satisfy transportation needs today and in future, for the benefit of our next generations.

Sterling Suffolk, cultivates and harvests premium varieties of tomatoes in 17Ha of modern glasshouse utilising heat from Suffolk Energy from Waste facility.

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SteviaLife Sweeteners grows premium stevia leaf in East Africa utilizing only sustainable and no-till agriculture systems. With intense respect for the environment it strives for low land impact while creating jobs for the surrounding communities, improving quality of life and agriculture education.

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Straightline Aviation (Hybrid Aircraft), comprising a team of former Virgin directors, is launching a company to operate Hybrid aircraft manufactured by Lockheed Martin and Hybrid Air Vehicles. The two manufactures have invested in a completely new form of aircraft that will revolutionise air transport, dramatically reducing the cost and carbon footprint of moving passengers and cargo.

Symbiotics is a leading investment company dedicated to inclusive and sustainable finance in emerging markets.

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Takestock is a B2B digital market for the food industry enabling our customers to trade surplus food rather than waste it.

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