CleanEquity – Monaco 2017

This week the Principality of Monaco is hosting the 10th CleanEquity conference, where 30 of the world’s most promising emerging sustainable technology and resource efficiency companies gather to network with policymakers, strategic investors, financiers and entrepreneurs. It’s always a grand, invitation-only event – and this year will be grander still, as the Social Stock Exchange is sponsoring the event, and showcasing its member companies, three of whom are presenting at the event. Rezatec – already a member – and Standard Gas and Powerhive – soon to be members – are examples of the kind of innovative start-ups that promise to become much bigger in the future.

According to Tomás Carruthers, the Exchange’s CEO, the Monaco event “provides a unique forum, bringing together the world’s most innovative clean technology propositions. At the Social Stock Exchange, we are committed to helping businesses that deliver positive impact – be that environmental or social – gain better access to capital markets at scale and we are delighted to be working with innovative finance providers such as Innovator Capital [co-founder of the conference] to showcase our public market. Our membership already includes a number of clean technology innovators, underlining the fact that our investor audience is all too aware of the benefits of looking for more than just a financial return.”

Innovator Capital says it “looks at over 800 emerging technologies each year to source high quality companies for our annual conference CleanEquity Monaco. In doing so, we have built an industry wide picture of many thousands of companies from across the world.” A break-down of how Innovator sees the cleantech market is available here.

Companies that have benefitted from attending past conferences include Halo IPT, a New Zealand company that specialises in wireless charging for electric vehicles, in which Arup took a 25% stake; CDTI, a leader in emission reduction technology for diesel and gasoline engines, with the world’s lowest PGM Catalyst Technology for gasoline engines, which it supplies to Honda among others; Drayson Technologies, a UK company which developed its own wireless charging technology, and which raised £8 million after attending CleanEquity; Epyon, a Dutch company, which opened Europe’s first commercial fast-charging station for electric vehicles in 2010, was subsequently acquired by ABB, who first came into contact with them via CleanEquity; PrecisionHawk, a company that analyses drone data, presented at CleanEquity Monaco 2016 and went on to close an $18 million funding round later that year; Siluria Technologies, which converts methane to liquid fuels, attended CleanEquity in 2014 and subsequently secured $30 million of funding in August of that year; Iceotope has developed a technology for liquid cooling of commodity electronics in data centres and high performance computing. After attending CleanEquity in 2013, it raised $10 million in investment from Aster Capital and Ombu Group, both of whom they met at CleanEquity.

Clearly this is an event that can assist clean technology companies grow and develop. The three Social Stock Exchange current (and imminent) members at this year’s event each make a unique contribution to the cleantech revolution. Rezatec provides geo-spatial data analytics to customers in the Water, Food and Forestry sectors. Standard Gas uses its own technology to convert non-recyclable waste, otherwise destined for landfill or incineration, into clean synthetic gas. Powerhive partners with utilities and independent power producers to provide access to productive, affordable, and reliable micro-grid electricity for millions of rural homes and businesses around the globe. They have already shown themselves to be potentially fascinating for investors, by the mere fact of having been selected from a highly competitive field.

Forming successful commercial relationships in this and similar ways is just one of the many benefits of being part of the Social Stock Exchange. Powerhive, Rezatec and Standard Gas are companies for the future; if they follow in the footsteps of some of their very successful predecessors, they will in large part have CleanEquity Monaco 2017 to thank.



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