Profile: Verdabelo

The London-based Verdabelo is one of those companies that should be better known. Indeed, if it can crack the mysteries of Internet marketing, it should have astonishing potential. It wants to talk to you about your boiler. That’s not an easy conversation, however: the household boiler is rather like our heart – it just sits … Read more

Profile: Enviu

If you head for this talk on YouTube  you will have a treat – 11 minutes of a seemingly shy, barefooted, yet very confident young Dutchman called Stef van Dongen, who calls himself “just a small entrepreneur from the Netherlands who doesn’t have money to pay for expensive advisers”. Today he’s the Founder and President … Read more

Profile: Nordic Blue

“Diesel is dead and the only question is how long it will take”. So rang out a sub-head in the Financial Times on 1 August. All I can say is – don’t believe everything you read in the FT these days. For despite all the hullabaloo about Tesla and electric cars generally, fully electric car … Read more

News In Brief 14 August 2017

INDEPENDENT The Government has been accused of undermining its own efforts to tackle climate change after new research revealed it is investing twice as much in fossil fuel projects overseas as it is in renewables. 46% of the money the UK spent on energy overseas went on fossil fuels while 22% was spent on renewable … Read more

News In Brief 7 August 2017

STANDARD London is to spend £4.5 million by the end of 2018 to double the number of on-street electric vehicle charging points to around 1,500. The 25 of the capital’s 32 boroughs will each receive up to £300,000 of government cash to install the standard charging points, which take between four and eight hours to … Read more

Profile: Humanitec

The German-based company Humanitec is a real youngster – established in April this year and a newcomer to the Social Stock Exchange – but one with tremendously adult aspirations. Kaspar von Grünberg is one of its managing directors and I asked him to give a succinct view about what it is Humanitec does – I … Read more

News In Brief 31 July 2017

BBC The UK Government and the energy regulator, Ofgem, say that consumers might save up to £40 billion by 2050 as a result of changes to the way that electricity is produced, used, and stored. New rules will make it easier for individuals to generate their own power with solar panels, store it in batteries, … Read more

Profile: Procredit

Can you think of a bank that offers a course on ‘The Rise and Decline of the Roman Republic’? Can you nominate a bank that might even think that offering such a course to its management trainees might make good sense for its business? Neither could I, until I encountered ProCredit Holding and its group … Read more

Profile: Discovered

“About two years ago I was talking to my daughter, who was nine at the time. She was really upset about elephants being killed for ivory and she wanted to do something about it. She said: ‘I’m nine, so what can I do about stuff happening in Africa?’ So I tried to inspire her and … Read more