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The home of positive

Our mission is to create an efficient, universally accessible buyers’ and sellers’ public marketplace where investors and businesses of all sizes can aim to achieve greater impact either through capital allocation or capital raising.

Through a unique partnership with regulated investment exchange NEX, the Social Stock Exchange is the only venue of its kind in the world to give impact businesses of all sizes the opportunity to access public financial markets, thus maximising their capital raising and growth potential.

From seed investment through to IPO and secondary listings, the Social Stock Exchange is able to cater for all fundraising and visibility needs of those companies that fit its admission criteria. For early stage growth businesses the Social Stock Exchange can offer access to dedicated impact investors through a strong network of partner organisations.

As an impact business matures and prepares to access its publicly-listed platform, the Social Stock Exchange will rely on its robust, regulated process to admit a qualifying company to trade, working alongside an established member network of professional financial advisers. The Social Stock Exchange robust impact validation process and impact reporting framework should give investors and companies alike the confidence that both financial and impact outcomes are equally accounted for and valued in the investment process.

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MagneGas Corporation granted membership of the Social Stock Exchange

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