79.40    0.3   
AXS    0.38 %  
13.00    0   
ASH    0 %  
35    0   
CFCP    0 %  
108.48    0   
MCAP    0 %  
172.00    0   
GOOD    0 %  
1.32    0.14   
HALO, HAL    10.61 %  
4.23    -1.02   
MNGA    -19.43 %  
13.75    -0.25   
OBT    -1.79 %  
122.45    0   
PFP1, PFP2    0 %  
12.90    0   
PCZ    0 %  
9.2    -0.36   
   -3.77 %  
0.006    -0   
SURP    -33.33 %  
82    0   
WAFR    0 %  
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Profile: Obtala

‘Ex Africa Semper Aliquid Novi’: Out of Africa always something new – Pliny the Elder The words of Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) have echoed down the ages, more often in sadness than in hope. Africa is the continent that has always promised and, all too often, failed to live up to that promise. Maybe … Read more

News In Brief 24 April 2017

FINANCIAL TIMES In the period between around 11pm on Thursday 20 April and midnight on Friday 21 April the UK experienced the first day since the 1880s in which no coal was burned to generate its electricity supply. The National Grid said low demand for electricity in the week after the Easter holiday, and a … Read more

Profile: London Rebuilding Society

One of the unexpected pleasures of writing these Profiles of Social Stock Exchange member companies is the continual discovery of courage in the face of adversity; the discovery of people, and companies, trying and succeeding at ethically creditable enterprise where it’s most needed, where it’s most overlooked. A fine case in point is the London … Read more

News In Brief 17 April 2017

THIRD FORCE NEWS The Scottish government has doubled the amount of money available to social entrepreneurs to £3 million, to be distributed over three years via the Social Entrepreneurs Fund. Scotland has more than 5,000 social enterprises – including those that reinvest profits to address important issues like homelessness, unemployment or climate change – with … Read more

Social Stock Exchange Quarterly Update

There’s no argument that this year has started at a brisk pace for the Social Stock Exchange. Twelve new members have been admitted, we’ve seen the production of our biggest ever annual research book and an oversubscribed investor conference all stand out amongst the highlights of the quarter. Geographical expansion continues apace too, with the … Read more

Verdabelo granted membership of the Social Stock Exchange

London, April 10th 2017 – the Social Stock Exchange (www.socialstockexchange.com) – society’s market for impact investing – has today announced that Verdabelo (www.verdabelo.com) has been approved as a member following the ratification of its impact report by the independent Admissions Panel. Verdabelo aims to become a market leader in the cheapest energy available, “the saved … Read more

Profile: iSMART

Children with learning difficulties can be difficult to spot in a crowded, busy classroom. If they are fortunate enough to be spotted, teachers and parents can often be at a loss to know how best to help them. The child may quickly drop behind its peers and become withdrawn. Without supportive intervention, the neglected child … Read more

News In Brief 10 April 2017

IRISH TIMES Denis Naughten, Eire’s Minister for Climate Action and the Environment, announced details of a €5 million-a-year fund to help people to “deep retrofit” their homes. The scheme will allow for grants of up to 50% of the cost of a home energy project; the cash aid from the State could be worth €10,000 … Read more

Profile: Switchee

Fuel poverty – being unable to afford to properly heat your home – is one of the plagues of our time. With one in every ten households in the UK affected, combatting fuel poverty is, says Ian Napier, Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder of Switchee, “core to our mission.” In essence what Switchee does is … Read more

News In Brief 3 April 2017

LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE The Stock Exchange member Obtala, a sustainable agriculture and forestry company operating in Mozambique and Tanzania, published a quarterly business update containing various highlights, including: Preparation of management plans for 6 out of 10 forestry concessions in Northern Mozambique totalling c.120,000 hectares Identification of site for a new sawmill in Nampula, Mozambique … Read more

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A very special female brand of Brazilian organic Fairtrade coffee

What does an organic Fairtrade specialty coffee and social impact investing have to do with empowering some of the poorest women in the world? In rural Minas Gerais, Brazil’s biggest … Read more

Investment in smallholder farmers is key to reducing poverty AND feeding the world

According to United Nations estimates, the world population is expected to grow from around 7 billion currently to more than 9 billion by 2050. This means that farmers around the … Read more