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AXS    0.38 %  
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ASH    0 %  
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CFCP    0 %  
108.48    0   
MCAP    0 %  
172.00    0   
GOOD    0 %  
1.32    0.14   
HALO, HAL    10.61 %  
4.23    -1.02   
MNGA    -19.43 %  
13.75    -0.25   
OBT    -1.79 %  
122.45    0   
PFP1, PFP2    0 %  
12.90    0   
PCZ    0 %  
9.2    -0.36   
   -3.77 %  
0.006    -0   
SURP    -33.33 %  
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WAFR    0 %  
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News In Brief 30 January 2017

FINANCIAL TIMES The FT reports that the “sale of the Green Investment Bank has been thrown into doubt with reports that the government could scrap the long-running process and opt for a flotation instead.” The government-owned bank, which has invested £2.7bn in green energy projects, has been up for sale since 2015 with Australian investment … Read more

Profile: Symbiotics

Symbiotics, the Geneva-based investment firm dedicated to sustainable finance in emerging markets, with its own impact bond programme, has recently joined the Social Stock Exchange. Domiciled in Luxembourg and subject to the local regulator, this Bond programme is, according to Symbiotics, “designed for fixed income managers seeking direct exposure to impact finance in emerging and … Read more

News In Brief 23 January 2017

BLOOMBERG At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, a new 13-member Hydrogen Council was unveiled. BMW, Daimler, Honda Motor and Hyundai Motor will join Toyota on the council. Other members are the gas companies Air Liquide and Linde, the mining company Anglo American, the electric utility Engie, the rail company Alstom and the motorcycle … Read more

News In Brief 16 January 2017

THE SCOTSMAN The Scottish Government is a finalist in the world’s premier circular economy awards, and faces competition from public organisations in Canada, China, and South Africa. The winners of ‘The Circulars’ will be announced at the Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland later this month. Scotland’s place on the shortlist for the prestigious award … Read more

Profile: SteviaLife

Is it me, or are people fatter than they used to be? No – it’s not me. According to Public Health England (2015 data) “overweight and obesity among adults [people 16+]…showed that 62.9% of adults were overweight or obese…A substantial proportion of obese adults have a body mass index (BMI) of well over 30.” Over-bulked … Read more

Thrive Renewables granted membership of the Social Stock Exchange

London, January 13th 2017 – the Social Stock Exchange – the UK’s public market for impact investing – has today announced that Thrive Renewables (www.thriverenewables.co.uk) has been approved as a member following the ratification of its impact report by the independent Admissions Panel. Thrive Renewables provides an efficient and rewarding financial connection with sustainable energy, … Read more

News In Brief 9 January 2017

REUTERS China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) said the country would invest Yuan 2.5 trillion ($361 billion) into renewable power generation by 2020. It added that this will create more than 13 million jobs in the sector. The NEA said installed renewable power capacity (wind, hydro, solar and nuclear) will contribute to about half of new … Read more

Profile: Halosource

Halosource kicked off the New Year with a bang, announcing an agreement with Midea Group, a publicly-listed Fortune 500 global company, which is headquartered in China. The news pleased investors: Halosource’s share price shot up by almost 50%, from 0.85 pence on 30 December to 1.25 UK pence on 3 January. This strategic agreement is … Read more

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A very special female brand of Brazilian organic Fairtrade coffee

What does an organic Fairtrade specialty coffee and social impact investing have to do with empowering some of the poorest women in the world? In rural Minas Gerais, Brazil’s biggest … Read more

Investment in smallholder farmers is key to reducing poverty AND feeding the world

According to United Nations estimates, the world population is expected to grow from around 7 billion currently to more than 9 billion by 2050. This means that farmers around the … Read more