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Introduction to Breakthrough Innovation Platform

The UN Global Compact and Volans are partnering to develop the Breakthrough Innovation Platform to drive radical new business models to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by connecting traditional companies with innovators and entrepreneurs.

Soap In The Eyes

I have a long-standing aversion to palm oil. Where I grew up, in the industrial areas on the banks of the Thames east of London, a ubiquitous sickly-sweet-soapy stench regularly suffused the atmosphere, pumped out by a factory that processed palm oil for the production of soap powders. Once sniffed, never forgotten. But palm oil … Read more

News In Brief 31 May 2016

THE GUARDIAN The Social Stock Exchange is the 2016 winner of the ‘finance for good’ category of the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards. In the last year the Exchange’s member companies collectively raised £400m, including the construction of 800 affordable UK homes, 78,000 tonnes of CO2 saved through clean energy, and 8,300 people accessing new healthcare … Read more

Social Stock Exchange scoops The Guardian’s Finance for Good award

London, May 27th, 2016 – The Social Stock Exchange – the UK’s only market for impact investing – was last night declared the winner of The Guardian Sustainable Business’ Finance for Good award. The awards, now in their sixth year, celebrate business progress and innovation across a range of environmental, financial and social categories. They are … Read more

Plastic Fantastic

I find it fascinating how ancient technologies never really disappear – they just undergo updates and make their ways into contemporary life. This is a tale about a chemical process as old as fire itself, pyrolysis, and how to prevent your plastic water bottle from going into landfill or incineration and instead turn it into … Read more

News In Brief 23 May 2016

FINANCIAL TIMES In the UK, Prince Charles, heir to the throne, has called on asset managers to invest responsibly, warning that the industry’s “reticence to embrace sustainable investment” puts the world at risk. He said that investment managers could no longer ignore responsible investing and said that they should consider factors other than short-term gains … Read more

Mozambique Renewables granted membership of the Social Stock Exchange

London, May 19th, 2016 – the Social Stock Exchange – the UK’s market for impact – has today announced that Mozambique Renewables has been approved as a member following the ratification of its impact report by the independent Admissions Panel. Mozambique Renewables is a first mover in bringing sustainable biomass from Africa to the international energy … Read more

The Hush Puppy Law

Not invented – but certainly popularised by Malcolm Gladwell – the ‘tipping point’ is now firmly in the lexicon. In his definition of “the law of the few”, he says that “the success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social … Read more

News In Brief 16 May 2016

THISISMONEY.CO.UK London’s first hydrogen-filling station for road transport opened, at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington. ITM Power, a member of the Social Stock Exchange, inaugurated what is intended to be a ‘hydrogen superhighway’ network of refuelling stations for pollution-free fuel-cell cars. Four more are planned for London, adding to that which exists in Rotherham, … Read more

Propelair granted membership of the Social Stock Exchange

London, May 10th, 2016 – the Social Stock Exchange – the UK’s market for impact – has today announced that Propelair (www.propelair.com) has been approved as a member following the ratification of its impact report by the independent Admissions Panel. Phoenix Product Development Ltd which trades as Propelair has developed and patented a water saving … Read more

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Industry News

News In Brief 20 February 2017

THIRD FORCE NEWS Craft distilling of gin has become the biggest new mover-and-shaker in the drinks world in the UK in the past couple of years. And now a clever … Read more

NEX Exchange: Flashboys Not Required

Patrick Birley is not what you might expect of a CEO of a stock exchange. Anyone who can say “I have little doubt that there is an inverse relationship between … Read more

Member News

Posting of Interim Report

Ashley House plc (the “Company”), the Extra Care Housing and Health Property …

Notification of Major Interest in Shares

Assura PLC – TR-1: Notification Of Major Interest In Shares Read the full …

Issue of Equity

Obtala Limited, the African focused agricultural and forestry company, announces its intention …

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