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Social Stock Exchange launches second annual research book

London, January 20th, 2015 - the Social Stock Exchange – the UK’s home of investing for impact – has today launched its second annual research book. Produced by leading investment intelligence firm Edison, the guide provides an overview of the impact investing market, as well as profiling each of the Social Stock Exchange’s member firms.

The theme of impact investing is increasingly finding itself at the top of the agenda for forward thinking asset managers. There is a growing concern amongst clients who want to show a degree of responsibility in how they invest, and the idea of impact – where there is a measurable social or environmental benefit alongside a financial performance – addresses this need.

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New market segment

The Social Stock Exchange is delighted to announce the creation of a new market segment dedicated to Social Stock Exchange member companies on the ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange (ISDX). ISDX is a Recognised Investment Exchange operating a regulated market and a growth market. This initiative will help unlock access to capital for impact business of all sizes as well as provide a secondary market for these securities.

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Golden Lane Housing gains membership to the Social Stock Exchange

London, 22nd December 2014 - the Social Stock Exchange - the UK’s home of impact investing, has today granted membership to Golden Lane Housing (GLH).

Providing supported housing around which people with learning disabilities can build their lives, GLH was established as an independent registered charity by Mencap in 1998 to help tackle the immense challenges that people with a learning disability face in finding a home.

Earlier in the year, GLH issued a retail charity bond which raised £11m in a vastly over subscribed offering, putting the charity at the forefront of impact investing in the UK.

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Connecting impact companies to impact investors at scale

Impact Investor is rapidly becoming the ‘go to’ place for retail investors who want to discover, understand and act upon impact investing opportunity.

It is designed and written to cater for a broad spectrum of people, who have one common purpose; to seek new investment opportunities that actively provide positive social and potential financial returns.

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