72.50    1.5   
AXS    2.07 %  
7.75    0   
ASH    0 %  
59.70    -0.25   
AGR    -0.42 %  
65    0   
CFCP    0 %  
111.70    0   
MCAP    0 %  
267.50    -2.5   
GOOD    -0.93 %  
9.50    0   
HALO, HAL    0 %  
23.88    -0.62   
ITM    -2.53 %  
86    0   
MHN    0 %  
1.28    -0.04   
MSG    -3.03 %  
14.25    0.5   
OBT    3.51 %  
117.20    0   
PFP5, PFP1    0 %  
0.1501    0   
SURP    0.07 %  
1.3    0   
V220    0 %  
Previous close
  • Scarba Holdings granted membership of the Social Stock Exchange

  • Seastar Ocean granted membership of the Social Stock Exchange

  • SurePure Inc granted membership of the Social Stock Exchange

  • International Housing Solutions granted membership of the Social Stock Exchange

  • Scarba Holdings
    granted membership
  • Seastar Ocean
    granted membership
  • SurePure Inc
    granted membership
  • International Housing Solutions granted membership

Profit with Progress

The Social Stock Exchange provides access to the world’s first regulated exchange dedicated to businesses and investors seeking to achieve a positive social and environmental impact through their activities.

Your business can make a positive impact

Your business can make an impact

The Social Stock Exchange provides a central venue to help investors to easily identify impact companies. by offering them greater visibility, profile and access to capital for high impact debt and equity issues. Where appropriate member companies can also list their securities on the world’s first, dedicated impact market segment which would mean that their securities become eligible for investors to invest in via their SIPP and ISA.

More connections

By choosing the Social Stock Exchange, you can connect with likeminded businesses, advisers and investors to achieve an impact that can really make a difference. Our members cover business sectors that range from social, to environmental, to health and to housing – all doing great things in a new way.

News and Events

By choosing the Social Stock Exchange you can have access to a wide variety of information and regular updates on impact investing news and investment opportunities on the website, via your desktop, tablet or mobile. Our regular newsletter should ensure you are always up to date. You will also be able to learn about our busy and exciting events programme including our monthly Impact Investor Club events.

How can we help you raise money?

How the Social Stock Exchange can help your business

For pioneering businesses (whether public or private) seeking to deliver social or environmental impact as a core function, we can offer access to a unique, regulated public marketplace and our network of investors, advisers and other impact businesses.

Find out more

Member companies making a positive impact

Want to take part?

If you would like to be part of this exciting and rapidly growing new initiative.


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